Sunday, May 18, 2014

Writing Daisy

I am sorry that I have not been blogging. I have not been sketching because my hands have been hurting. I have a hard time writing and holding a pencil for very long. Saying that, I did manage to write out a whole page, in short bursts, that I can use in my art work. I have been trying to use more "Words" in my art. Making rubber stamps, word stencils, or just writing. The handwritten page I put through my scanner and printed several copies, then I went over one of them with a wash of watercolor paints. I tried to use all the colors on my palette, and get some blending too.
I made a card for my sister, by tearing the colored paper and making flower petals, and two leaves and a stem. Using gel medium, I put them on some card stock over a watercolor wash. Next I added texture with acrylic paints, through a sequin waste stencil. If a few dots looked good, a lot was better. NOT! I did way too much, I liked it earlier in the process. But it was a learning experience, I went over some of the darker dots with a soft white, to tone it down some and that helped. I sealed it all with gel medium. I was going to send it as is, as a postcard, but decided to put it in an envelope. After writing a cheerful message on the back, I put it into snail mail, it is so nice to get something besides bills and ads in the mail. I really liked doing the collage, and have other ideas for the writing papers.