Sunday, April 21, 2013

Trop -A-Rocka Snapple

Every Day Matters #205 Draw a soda. 5" x 7" drawing pad, pencil sketch, colored pencil, Uniball pen. April 19, 2013 Sitting in the Tavern drinking my Trop-aRocka Snapple, it was created by rocker Bret Michaels as one of the Celebrity Apprentice projects. I love the hint of cinnamon that it has in it. But we can't figure out what fruits are in it, because it only says "Natural Flavors" The label has a mango, peach and a pear, two of those are not tropical. And of coarse I needed to add a typo, I DID NOT spell Snapple right, I think I just ran out of room on the bottle, oh well.

Feathers & Flames

6" x 8" drawing paper, watercolor background, acrylic paints, colored marker. April 13, 2013. The background is watercolor paints with a speckle over it. I was playing with a flame and feather stencil and acrylic paints. After doing the feather, I realized I used too much paint, and went to more of a dry brush effect and got lighter ghost effects at the bottom of the page. I added extra dots to the top, and outlined two feathers with a Pigma pen. I don't feel as if either of them is finished, the flames need something else. I used red, then hot pink acrylic on the flames, then put a little bit of yellow on the tips. The paint was too see thru and I did not like the effect, I went back with more red and pink, and outlined the flames with a red marker. It needs something else, but it was interesting trying the stencils.

Gears & Solar

6" x 8" drawing paper, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, Pigma pen, silver metallic paint, Flair pen. April13, 2013. Working with a new set of stencils from the quilt show, I decided to play around on paper, before using them on fabric. The backgrounds were painted with watercolor paints, then speckled with a contrasting color. Later I used acrylic paints with a foam brush to stencil the large gears in dark purple, onto the light blue background. I used a Pigma pen to outline the gears, as many of the small teeth did not show up with the paint. I stamped numerals all over in silver metallic paint, but it does not show up well on the scan. I also used the silver to texture with the silver thru sequin waste. The Solar piece was a yellow/gold/orange background watercolor, with speckles of a darker orange. I tried to use a stamp pad ink thru the stencil, but it did not show up well, so I used a gray Tombo felt pen to letter the small writing. The larger writing stencil had bigger holes for the ink, and the bright red/fuchsia ink came thru much better. I used a Flair pen to draw the sun and saguaro cactus, then stenciled over it with rust, orange and yellow to create texture with a hexagon stencil, and sequin waste. The flair pen was NOT waterproof and bled a little bit.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hand Sketching

5" x 7" drawing pad, mechanical pencil. April 7, 2013. Waiting in the car for Charlie, I was really bored, there wasn't anything interesting in the parking lot, so I drew what was in front of me. I really like the perspective.

Wonky Tree House

5" x 8" journal page, pencil sketch, watercolor paints, Pigma pen. April 3, 2012. From my original photo, that I took at Shasta Caverns, near Lake Shasta California. This was in the children's play area, the center of the tree was hollowed out and the house built on top. The door handle in a deer antler. All the wood and windows were skewed a bit, and the roof sagged too, giving it a real fun look. We just missed the noon boat to the cavern tour, the next wasn't until 2pm, so we did not wait to go on the tour. It looks like an amazing place to visit, we got postcards and a few goodies in the gift shop, and were on our way, returning to Oregon, from Spring Break.

Tropical Bird

8" x 10" double journal page, pencil sketch, watercolor, Pigma pen. March 18, 2013. I found this cute bird and interesting plant with berries, in an old Audubon magazine. Does anyone know what it is? Australian maybe? I made a mess, the last time I tried to paint raspberries, so I took my time and did 4 layers of color then ink to give the berries detail. I really like the way they turned out.