Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gears & Solar

6" x 8" drawing paper, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, Pigma pen, silver metallic paint, Flair pen. April13, 2013. Working with a new set of stencils from the quilt show, I decided to play around on paper, before using them on fabric. The backgrounds were painted with watercolor paints, then speckled with a contrasting color. Later I used acrylic paints with a foam brush to stencil the large gears in dark purple, onto the light blue background. I used a Pigma pen to outline the gears, as many of the small teeth did not show up with the paint. I stamped numerals all over in silver metallic paint, but it does not show up well on the scan. I also used the silver to texture with the silver thru sequin waste. The Solar piece was a yellow/gold/orange background watercolor, with speckles of a darker orange. I tried to use a stamp pad ink thru the stencil, but it did not show up well, so I used a gray Tombo felt pen to letter the small writing. The larger writing stencil had bigger holes for the ink, and the bright red/fuchsia ink came thru much better. I used a Flair pen to draw the sun and saguaro cactus, then stenciled over it with rust, orange and yellow to create texture with a hexagon stencil, and sequin waste. The flair pen was NOT waterproof and bled a little bit.

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