Sunday, April 21, 2013

Trop -A-Rocka Snapple

Every Day Matters #205 Draw a soda. 5" x 7" drawing pad, pencil sketch, colored pencil, Uniball pen. April 19, 2013 Sitting in the Tavern drinking my Trop-aRocka Snapple, it was created by rocker Bret Michaels as one of the Celebrity Apprentice projects. I love the hint of cinnamon that it has in it. But we can't figure out what fruits are in it, because it only says "Natural Flavors" The label has a mango, peach and a pear, two of those are not tropical. And of coarse I needed to add a typo, I DID NOT spell Snapple right, I think I just ran out of room on the bottle, oh well.

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