Sunday, April 21, 2013

Feathers & Flames

6" x 8" drawing paper, watercolor background, acrylic paints, colored marker. April 13, 2013. The background is watercolor paints with a speckle over it. I was playing with a flame and feather stencil and acrylic paints. After doing the feather, I realized I used too much paint, and went to more of a dry brush effect and got lighter ghost effects at the bottom of the page. I added extra dots to the top, and outlined two feathers with a Pigma pen. I don't feel as if either of them is finished, the flames need something else. I used red, then hot pink acrylic on the flames, then put a little bit of yellow on the tips. The paint was too see thru and I did not like the effect, I went back with more red and pink, and outlined the flames with a red marker. It needs something else, but it was interesting trying the stencils.

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