Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pen Trial

5" x 8" journal page, various pens. Jan. 10, 2013.
Trial of several different pens that I bought at Dick Blic in Portland. The light gray did not even scan, and lots of tweaking in Photoshop would hardy bring it out. I used a Tombo ABT #947 Sepia which has a heavier line then the Prisma Color Premier, brush tip "B" the Prisma is also a more golden color. The Tombo #N75 in light gray, is very smooth and silvery gray with out having a metallic sheen. I got it to shade my pen drawings. The double ended calligraphy pen by "ZIG" has a black 5mm end and a 2mm tip at the other. I think the 5mm is too big, and the 2mm too small, but my husband wants to learn calligraphy, so we got it for him. I did the little coffee sketch off to the side to try the gray shading.

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