Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Portland Trip

My Portland trip was not very productive, drawing wise. I had planned on doing a lot more, but life got in the way. Staying at the hospital with Charlie for a week was a draining experience. The first few days I was able to sneak off while he was sleeping, but downtown Portland did not encourage parking. I did find Chinatown, but it was quiet run down and I did not like the idea of walking around by myself. It was not alive and vibrant like San Francisco Chinatown, which I would take the subway and cable car to by myself. It rained the last few days and was COLD, so I did not go to the Zoo, and the Japanese Gardens like I had planned on, it was not conductive to being outdoors drawing. I did find Powell's book, a huge warehouse of new and used books, and I wanted Danny Gregory's book "Everyday Matters" but they did not have it :( So instead I got his, "Creative License")

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