Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ben Irving Reservoir

Every Day Matters Challenge #15 - Draw a tree, branches or leaves. 2 Journal pages 8" x 10" pencil sketch, collaged into journal, watercolor paints on sketch and background page, Pigma pen. Sept. 3, 2012
We went to Ben Irving Reservoir on Labor Day, almost no one was there, so not much to sketch. I did the picnic table, then some trees and the trees across the water on a full sheet of paper. I hated most of it it was all scribbled, but I did detail a dead tree and the one next to it. So I decided to cut it up and just use the good parts, so I decided to collage it into my NEW Artists Loft brand Journal(Michael's House Brand.) I put it on a 2 page spread and did some watercolor painting on the background, so the white cut outs would show up. I even added blue to frame the pieces of paper. I added watercolor to sections of the sketches, just to highlight some of it. So it is my first collage, my first two page spread and my first use of my new journal.

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