Monday, September 3, 2012

Charlie on the Trail

6" x 8" watercolor paper, pencil sketch, watercolor paint, Pigma pen. Sept. 2, 2012.
" 'Charlie at Fall Creek Trail' From my original photograph on the trail to Fall Creek waterfall, spring 2010. Doing this in watercolor, helped me make a value study for a future art quilt. I already have this enlarged and made into a pattern. It has been on my design wall for a long time, as I thought about color, value and how to handle the background. I think this really helped me figure out some things. I can scan this and make value notes for my quilt. We loved walking all the trails along the North Umpqua River(Oregon) they all lead to waterfalls. Fall Ck was our favorite, it follows the creek up the canyon and you can get right down to the pool at the falls and swim. You can also take a trail to the top. We've also been to Susan Ck, Wolf Ck, Toketee, Watson, Clearwater, Cavitt Ck, Grotto falls and Shadow falls. Watson Falls is the tallest in Oregon." I liked the finished watercolor, but I still decided to use the pen to add detail, I didn't like the black pen on the face, so colored it in with white and peach colored pencil, now it looks too washed out. But he looked too mad with all the dark pen. Let me know which you like. My scanner does not have enough pixels to give a clear copy of the fine lines of the inking so it doesn't look as good, as in person.

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