Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sewing Room View

Every Day Matters Challenge #18 - Draw the view from your house or apartment. 8-31-2012 6" x 8" drawing paper, pencil sketch, watercolor paints, Pigma pen, white gel pen.
"I was going to draw this with a window frame, but I like the grid better. There are two distinct areas of my garden, and they weren't fitting in the window view. I like the balance and the tree tying the areas together. The painted white trellis was hard to do, I had to put in a background wash, and go over and over again with the white gel pen. The grids let me label the plants, which I would not have done on a landscape view. I love watching the birds in the feeder and bath, we have sparrows, finches, blue jays and squirrels. The deer nibbled the aster last night and I think they are drinking from the bird bath. The area is drying up before the fall rains, there are a lot more deer, down in the neighborhoods."

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