Saturday, September 15, 2012

Horse Chestnut Leaf I & II

Every Day Matters #34 - Draw a Fall Leaf. Journal page, 5" x 8" pencil sketch, watercolor paints. Sept 14, 2012. 2nd heavy watercolor paper and paints 6" x 8" 9-15-12
The horse chestnut tree down the street, turns a beautiful golden yellow, then after it falls, the veins turn a warm brown, creating a bold contrast. My first attempt in my journal, has good yellows and markings, but you can see the paint strokes. So I decided to work with heavy watercolor paper and use a wet on wet technique. The yellow is brighter and blended nice, and the brown is a warmer shade. The violet background adds contrast and defines the shape of the leaf better. I was going to do more background on the first one, but NOT.

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