Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blue Flower & Text Background

Both - 5" x 8" watercolor paper, collage book pages, watercolor and acrylic paint. Aug. 21, 2012
As a practice piece I decided to use some torn book pages for a layered look, for a painting background. I collaged them with gel medium, on one I added watercolor paints first, then the pages. On the other, the watercolor would not paint over the medium, so I had to use an acrylic wash. I blotted this paint with wadded tissue to texturize the paint, in orange, purple, and light blue. Next I rubber stamped a curly cue design in blue ink, and then painted a blue flower with lacy curly cue leaves. I added a few extra curly cues, along the edge, as more background filler, and highlighted the painting with light blue. The flower has an orange center. The other page is in need of more layers, so it is not yet done.

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