Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sapling & Rootbeer Glass

5" x 6.5" watercolor paper, pencil sketch, colored pencil & Pigma pen, 6-18-2012
5" x 6.5" watercolor paper, pencil sketch, colored pencil, Pigma pen, 6-20-2012
The sapling was drawn sitting on my school bus, waiting for the kids to get out, there was a small sapling, with new spring leaves, delicately swaying in the breeze. I liked it's uncomplicated form and delicate branches. "Sitting in the Tee Pee Tavern nursing a root beer, as the ice slowly melts. Bored 'cause Charlie has gone outside to smoke. I pulled out my watercolor pad and a pencil. I liked the way the light reflected on the bar, shinning through the glass, and the edge of foam on the root beer. Glass reflections, transparency and light take a lot of thought when drawing, and hard to achieve with a pencil. A bit of yellow colored pencil tried to pick up the little glints of light and I added root beer brown to give contrast to the ice cubes. Now I'm not so bored after all.

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