Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mixed Media Collage

Both - 5.5" x 8" brown craft paper, mixed media collage, magazine papers, dyed cheesecloth and paper towels. July 20, 2012
Both of these were made as background for future projects, I don't know if they are done or not. They both are made with a base of cut magazine strips, collaged to brown paper bag, with gel medium, one warm colors - orange, rust, gold, the other shades of blue. I added torn strips of dyed paper towel in random places, with gel medium, on the warm colors I added pieces of hand dyed cheesecloth in yellow & orange, more gel medium. On the blue piece I thought for a long time, then decided to try a new white gel pen to add highlights and detail, and it became a stormy sea, with lightening, and blowing clouds and highlighted the waves of one magazine print. I titled it "Squall." They are both nice color studies, with a little texture thrown in. Done Yet?

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