Monday, August 27, 2012

Tyee Mountains

8" x 6" pencil sketch, watercolor pencil, Pigma pen .05
"My imaginary view of Tyee Mountain, across the Umpqua River and Callapooia Creek, during my spring drive on my school bus. A pencil sketch, colored with watercolor pencil and washed over with a wet Q-tip, and inked over with a Pigma pen. I love driving the rural areas in the spring, lots of wildflowers, camas, wild iris, dogwood and buttercups. New lambs frisky and fluffy, soon there will be baby horses too, already two baby llamas. Today would have been my Mom's birthday, I miss being able to show her my artwork, it was guaranteed approval, positive feedback and unconditional love. We used to work on projects together, macrame, candles, quilting and gardening. Love you Mom, Happy Birthday! Amy XXOO"

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