Monday, August 27, 2012

Cover Drawing

6" x 8" pencil sketch, colored pencil, Pigma pen .05 4-30-2012
I started with a cover drawing for my "Illustrated Journal" and decided to write a journal entry on the back. That is how most of my pieces have gone since, art and writing. I'll type in the entry first--- "I have started to work on my illustrated journal again, it has loose pages of brown paper sack and watercolor paper. I can add more pages when I fill it up. It has some pages of ink/colored pencil flowers, and acrylic painted pages that I was going to use for Artist's Trading Cards. I made this page with a pencil sketch and watercolor pencils, washed over with water on a Q-tip. I then added inked lines with a Pigma pen. I hope to improve my painting skills, my drawing, and inspire some art quilts. I love to sketch and want to add color, my notebook in my purse is done with ball point pens, on lined pages. It is not very artsy, but it gets the ideas on paper. The cover of this journal case is needle felted, couched yarns, beaded, sisha mirrors with embroidery, and a vintage button from a challenge." The journal cover is already filled with pages, so I'll have to make another. It is a beginning.

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