Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Umpqua Indians

Both - 5" x 7" watercolor paper, pencil sketch with Pigma pen, July 1 & 5, 2012
Sitting in the Tee Pee Tavern, getting out my sketchbook of water color paper, trying to find something to draw. The Umpqua Indian Beef Jerky sign caught my attention. Their logo is an Indian head with one feather, and a bone bead choker. In an oval with UMPQUA INDIAN BEEF JERKY written around it. I sketched with pencil then went over it with Pigma pen. It is ok for a quick sketch, and sitting far away from the object, so detail was difficult to see. The Indian maiden looking over the cliff, was on another day, it is a vintage print in a small oval frame, also hard to see because of the distance behind the bar and the small size. I worked longer on this one, trying to get the detail right. Pencil sketch with Pigma pen. In old watercolor the picture is quiet enchanting, in pen and ink, not so much, but it was a fun challenge.

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