Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walking Iris

Every Day Matter Challenge #4 - Draw your mug or cup. Aug. 20, 2012 6" x 8" watercolor paper, photo collage, pencil sketch, watercolor paints, Pigma pen.
"Every weekend and some weekdays, my neighbor and I walk her dog Iris. We mostly go to the Dutch Bros. Coffee stand. Iris is so excited she pulls us across the parking lot, to get her doggy treat. A double bone day, is a good day! We go rain or shine, sleet and snow, usually before the heat of the day. Saturday is also the farmers market during the spring and summer, and Iris would cleanup the spilled kernels of the kettle corn booth. Now we can't take the dog to the market, 'cause some people spoil it for all the rest. Everyone knew and loved her too, and she would get lots of petting. But we still go to get coffee and dog biscuits." My first montage of separate items, to make a theme page, and a collage photograph that I took. I think it fits the theme very well, I scanned a copy and made a thank you card for the coffee people, for their wonderful service.----------RIP IRIS --AUGUST 30, 2012 Iris passed away less than 2 weeks after I painted this, they had hung a copy at the coffee stand, and it was so hard to see it in the window. :(

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