Monday, August 27, 2012

New Blog Amy's Art Journal

I'm starting a new blog for my art journal pages. I was putting a few of them on my art quilting blog, but they really did not belong there. As I made more pages I decided to start this blog. A couple of months ago I got a copy of the Artist's Journal Workshop by Cathy Johnson, you can check out her site here It inspired me to work on my drawing skills again. I had done some older pages, and made a cover to hold them a few years ago, I added a few pages here and there, but not much.
The first few sketches were flowers on brown Kraft paper(brown paper bag) colored in with colored pencils. They were drawn from magazine pics or the Audubon ID book. Next I had made a few pieces with paint and design, to use to cut up for background for Artists Trading Cards, they are unfinished and meant to be used elsewhere.
I have always had a notebook in my purse to sketch in, so the next couple of years saw me use it, exclusively.

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