Tuesday, August 28, 2012


6" x 8", watercolor paper, pencil sketch, watercolor paints, Pigma pen, July 17, 2012
I love sketching flowers, it is also my favorite subject for photography, home grown, gardens, wildflowers, bouquets, it doesn't matter, any flower will do. I saw this on the sketchbookchallenge.blogspot.com the colors and detail appealed to me, and I thought "I can do this." So I went off to sketch it, I drew it from memory, not looking at the other drawing. I sketched first in pencil, then added the watercolor paints from a kids cheap set from the dollar store. Then I added the Pigma pen detail. I am very happy with the color blending, and the turquoise border really adds to it. I am slowly getting better with the watercolor paints.

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