Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blue Poppies

6" x 8" watercolor paper, watercolor paints and Pigma pen. July 18, 2012
After watching Susan Schewee on TV doing some water color, painting some blue poppies, I again thought "I can do that!" Famous last words, NOT, it was much harder than it looked, she makes it look so simple, just do this and that, yea! right! Of coarse it did not help that I was using a cheap kids watercolor tray from the dollar store, and a random brush. I have a lot to learn! Shading the poppies was difficult, but I liked the way that the little leaves, just happened. I still did not like what I had done, until several weeks later, when I added the Pigma pen, like my other sketches. It added extra dimension to the flowers, and detail to the foreground. They still look nothing like hers! I am learning to mix different shades of green from the cheap watercolors.

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