Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Hand

Every Day Matters Challenge #10 - Draw your hand. 6" x 8" drawing paper, mechanical pencil. Aug. 22, 2012
"I decided to start by tracing my hand, as I doubt my drawing skills for something "difficult."Maybe at a later date, I'll try it from scratch, confidence will be a factor. But I did have confidence to fill in the details. Maybe because I have done two hand print in paint, quilted wall hangings and have added the detail with stitching free motion quilting. They turned out well, and so has the sketch, done with mechanical pencil. The tracing gave me proportion and outline, but made my fingers fat, so I thinned them with shadows. My nails were nice, but I added 3 age spots to show the changes to my hand, and I am not wearing my wedding ring, because my knuckles are swollen with arthritis."

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